Handy S.A.M. 1000 Air Lift 16000 (SUPERCEDED BY 40200G)


Brand Handy
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(SUPERCEDED BY 40200G) Handy Air Lifts have been around since 1963 and are perhaps the most popular Motorcycle/ATV air lifts in the world. Fabricated from solid 12 gauge steel and powder coated for extra surface durability, these lifts are built to last. The S.A.M.1000 (SUPERCEDED BY 40200G)Lift offers a lifting capacity of 1000 pounds, powered by a pneumatic cylinder from your air source.


Rear wheel drop out plate


Type: Air (100 psi)
Capacity: 1000 lbs.
Table Size: 24” X 84”
Length: (Overall) 114” w/ramp
Maximum Rise: 30”
Minimum Height: 7”