Bestway 5 Inch Frame Contact In-Ground Hydraulic Lifts 5SP 5SPC 5SPCH


Brand Bestway


These heavy-duty, smooth operating air/hydraulic (air over oil) motorcycle lifts can be rotated 360°.  Lifting capacity is 1,500 lbs. for 5” Lifts at 125 psi air pressure.

All units are easily installed in a minimum amount of space and require a 56” deep hole. Minimum height is 3”; maximum rise above floor is 36”, (48” optional rise available). All units come complete with a three-way air valve – simply attach your air-line to operate.

Air/Hydraulic lifts without platform (Frame Contact) For Harley-Davidson and other motorcycles that allow frame contact, a special version is available with a pre-drilled top designed to secure the motorcycle frame directly to the top of the lift with “J” bolts. Additional hole in plate provides access to bottom of engine.

Bestway lifts are also available “topless” so you can add a top plate of your own design. You can also add a platform of your own to these lifts by welding or bolting the platform to the 1/4” thick steel plate provided.

Model    Piston   Top Plate           Application                    Capacity
5SP         5”           N/A                 Add your platform               1500 lbs.
5SPC      5”          18” x 18”       Harley-Davidson service     1500 lbs.
5SPCH    5”         18” x 18”*     Harley-Davidson service     1500 lbs.