JDI Gas Caddy HGC30-UL 12652


Brand JDI
SKU: 12652

JDI Portable 30-Gallon Gas Caddy

The JDI HGC-3OUL Gas Caddy is the ideal solution for the storage and dispensing of gasoline in your Service Department. Specifically designed to comply with labor and safety laws, JDI builds the only UL listed Gas Caddies in North America. The heavy-duty welded steel construction is built to last. A two-way rotary pump allows your technicians to both siphon and dispense fuel. To siphon gasoline into the caddies tank, simply turn the pump’s operating handle counter-clockwise. To transfer gasoline from the cart to any fuel tank, turn the handle in the opposite direction. What could be more simple?

• Heavy-Duty Bi-directional pump
• 5.7 gallons/minute@72 RPM
• One gallon per 12 turns
• UL Listed & OSHA Compliant
• Firescreened safety vent & fuel gauge
• 8’ clear hose with anti-static grounding wire
• 2” Filler neck for easy fill-ups
• 1/4” Drain hole to remove contaminants
• Static ground wire with clamp
• See-through hose for in-line fuel viewing
• Large 10” diameter rubber tires for easy mobility