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Handy B.U.L. 22750 (Frame Contact U.T.V. Lift)

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Brand Handy
SKU: 22750


This B.U.L. means business! Meet the beef of the Handy lineup: the Big Utility Lift. The B.U.L. can handle a whopping 2,500-lb. capacity and offers you the option of loading from either end, making it the ideal choice for servicing your most colossal UTV’s. Don’t worry about maintaining an air cylinder with this bad boy; the B.U.L. operates with an air bellows which requires zero maintenance! The B.U.L. raises to a maximum working height of 39” and has four stopping points, so you pick the height that’s best for your job. We’re giving you dual detent bars on this monster to ensure superior stability. Four adjustable support bars with anti-skid rubber padding give you piece of mind as you lift wide loads. A sliding oil pan is mounted under the lift top, which boasts a 27” wide working surface. The framework is textured black powder coating for added durability, so your lift looks good conquering every job. To preserve your finished shop floor, we chose four phenolic wheels with serviceable roller bearings. Storage is a breeze with this compact unit, with a minimum height of 9.5” and weight of 500 lbs.  There are 4 height positions including the down position. So when you need a lift that’s small in footprint but big in capacity, look no further than the B.U.L. from Handy. As with all Handy products, the B.U.L. is proudly made in the USA.

2500 lb. capacity
Top Dimensions: 27” W X 54” L
51” wide w/support arms extended
Max. Height: 39” on safety bar
Min. Height: 9.5”

AIR REQUIREMENTS:  120 psi continuous, 10 Gallon Tank minimum