Bestway 6.5 Inch Full Platform In-Ground Hydraulic Lifts 106-HA


Brand Bestway
SKU: 106HA24H

Air/Hydraulic lifts with full platform(s)

These heavy-duty, smooth operating air/hydraulic (air over oil) motorcycle lifts can be rotated 360°. Lifting capacity is 2000 lbs. for 6-1/2” pistons, at 125 psi air pressure.

All units are easily installed in a minimum amount of space and require a 56” deep hole. Minimum height is 3”; maximum rise above floor is 36”, (48” optional rise available). All units come complete with a three-way air valve – simply attach your air-line to operate.

The platform on each of the four lifts in the table below is large enough to contact both bike tires, and each platform is hinged toward the rear. The first two lifts have a slideable front plate which can extend the platform to a maximum of 76”. The third lift does not have a slideable front plate and is a fixed platform length of 92”.

MODEL -       Dia.   Length Width  Capacity

106HA-24H 6-1/2”    76”     24”    2000 lbs.

106HA-30H 6-1/2”    76”     30”    2000 lbs.

106HA-30XL 6-1/2”  92”     30”    2000 lbs.

106HA-48H 6-1/2”    76”     48”    2000 lbs.