Air Operated Sealant Device (Manual Operation) by Grover 223 (NSN 5130-00-345-1179)


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Air-Operated Sealant Device - Power Turbine Sealant, Aircraft Wing & Fuel Tank Sealants and Filleting Mastics

Manual Single shot, trigger operated, with automatic air retraction.

A compressed air source (65-125 PSI operating range) is all you need to operate the Grover automatic positive air charging, self-contained sealant device. Its 14 cubic inch material chamber can be hand or power loaded with as much as 12 oz. of many kinds of sealants and mastics. The entire unit is lightweight for easy hand-held operation, about 12 lbs for manual and about 14 lbs for automatic.

  • 3" Air motor - 1 3/4" stroke
  • 70 to 1 pressure ratio
  • Brass air cylinder
  • Teflon coated material cylinder
  • Teflon material follower piston
  • Teflon pump rod cups
  • Injection nozzle .070 I.D. plated

(NSN 5130-00-345-1179) 

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