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Omegasonics Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner 7950TT (Table Top) Incls One Gal. Soap #10 & Mesh Basket

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 *** FREE SHIPPING SPECIAL (for a limited time) ***  (Omegasonics QUANTUM 7950TT Table Top Ultrasonic Cleaner

For larger batch sizes and four-barrel carburetor cleaning, the 7.75-gallon Omegasonics Quantum 7950TT table top ultrasonic cleaner gives operators maximum flexibility and power in a table top footprint. This stainless steel unit is self-contained with a lift-off lid and a drain valve located in the back of the table top ultrasonic cleaner. 

  • Includes Mesh Basket and 1 Gallon OmegaClean Soap


  • 7-3/4 Gallon

Inside Basket Dimensions:

  • 18-7/8”L x 11”W x 7”D1

Overall Machine:

  • 20-7/8″L x 12-7/8″W x 14-5/8 H

  • Two Year Warranty* Phone for details