Dynojet Dynamometer 250i

Dynojet 250i

Dynojet 250i

Dynojet 250i

Dynojet introduced a new standard—the 250i Load Control Dynamometer—which advances dynamometer tuning capability even further. Dynojet Dynamometers are affordable, accurate and take the guesswork out of tuning and troubleshooting today's motorcycles. All performance data is instantly acquired and transmitted to your computer via modular hardware. Horsepower and torque curves are viewed on a monitor and/or printed out. Any performance problem on the road or track is duplicated on the dynamometer, where it is detected, measured, recorded and diagnosed. This state-of-the-art equipment will increase your service credibility, customer satisfaction and profits.

Map Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection Tuning is easier than ever with the Dynojet 250i. Offering the latest in eddy current power absorption technology, the Dynojet Load Control System is easy to operate and offers steady-state load control. Closed-loop load control software provides the technician with the ability to control RPM or MPH at any throttle opening. This causes the motorcycle to automatically hold at the technician's pre-determined setting. Repeatable, consistent results are very easy to obtain.

The 250i Load Control Dynamometer is perfect for duplicating specific customer complaint conditions, engine break-in, durability testing and fuel injection mapping. It's like getting two dynos in one package, because all the features of the Dynojet Inertia Dynamometer are maintained. When used with the optional Air/Fuel Ratio Monitor, every dyno run can show you not only HP or Torque, but also exact air/fuel ratio across your RPM range.

Features of the Dynojet 250i

  • WinPep 7 Software
  • Quick-mount wheel lock & safety strap for easy one person loading
  • Wide platform for easy loading & unloading
  • Precision balanced and knurled drum with large tire contact patch
  • Eddy Current Brake capable of 858 lb/ft absorption
  • Starter System included
  • Integrated tie down mounting locations
  • Powder coated design for enhanced durability & appearance
  • Pit Version available
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