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Dynojet 200i

Dynojet 200i

Dynojet 200i

When it comes to everyday motorcycle performance measurement, problem diagnosis and precision tuning, the Dynojet 200i Inertia Dynamometer offers fast, accurate and repeatable solutions. It has no controls to adjust, is quick and easy-to-use, and takes the guesswork out of performance evaluation. The technician saves time by simply running the bike on the dyno for a few seconds—from the lowest to the highest desired RPM or MPH.

The inertia dynamometer measures performance while the bike is accelerating a heavy rotating mass and displays complete HP and Torque curves from a single run. This simulation of real riding conditions permits actual dynamic fuelflow testing, which enables you to study the engine's ability to accelerate the bike's load across the engine power band. Troubleshooting ignition vs. air-fuel problems, or rich vs. lean conditions, becomes more profitable.

Following its introduction in 1990, the Dynojet Inertia type dynamometer quickly became the standard for performance measurement and engine tuning in the motorcycle industry. Its ease of use and powerful software attracted customers from around the world. Dynojet ushered in a totally new era of performance evaluation and precision tuning, and as a result, now has thousands of dynamometer installations worldwide. The 200i Inertia Dynamometer provides the technician with instrumentation and facts instead of seat-of-the-pants guesswork.

Features of the Dynojet 200i

  • WinPep 7 software
  • Quick-mount wheel lock & safety strap for easy one person loading
  • Powder coated design for enhanced durability & appearance
  • Precision balanced and knurled drum with large tire contact patch
  • Wide platform for easy loading & unloading
  • Integrated tie down mounting locations
  • Starter system included
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